Spark A Jay

What makes the perfect pre-roll? Delicious, top shelf strains? A smooth, even burn? Or is it the convenient ability to smoke nearly anywhere? Deemed on High Times as the most common means of ingesting cannabis [joints]- and our personal favorite – we at Jay’s have devoted our energy and focus into producing the most consistent, all natural pre-rolled joints available.

Lab Tested

Every selected harvest is lab tested and hand labeled for quality and potency before its finely-trimmed flowers are delicately ground and packed perfectly into all-natural RAW™ papers through our unique process. Each individual pre-roll is weighed, inspected and sealed in our uniquely protective pack with a sticker and enough hemp wick to illuminate a romantic dinner.

Every strain and harvested lot we consider is hand-selected based on aroma and visual appeal, then lab tested for moisture, terpene content, THC and CBD potency.

While cannabinoids like THC deliver the typical euphoric “high” feeling, and CBD can generate a wide range of added health benefits to the user, the oil content of cannabis – or its terpenes – are what give each strain its unique flavors and aromatic characteristics. Many terpenes have even been proven to promote temporary relief from pain and stress, while others may promote focus and acuity. Every one of our varieties contain a nicely balanced terpene profile that soothes the body while arousing the mind.

Reasons To Choose Jay’s

Whether you’re a casual smoker or just someone who demands quality, Jay’s Pre-Rolls are the most convenient way to enjoy some of the most sought after strains available in a consistently superior, all natural pre-roll. We invite you to join the movement, light a wick and spark a Jay!

• 100% flowers
• Lab tested
• Top-shelf strains
• RAW natural papers
• Hemp wicks
• Protective, portable package

We love hearing your comments, ideas or ways we can improve! Please contact us through our Contact page, email to info@JaysPrerolls.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Insatagram @JaysPrerolls.